Recent Info by Modern Photography Group


12/25/2014     Launch Day for Modern Photography Group

11/10/2014     First blog on MPG completed by Firefly Event Photography.  The first Author’s gala by Richter Publishing (

11/9/2014     New Pierce Brunson Photography site is ready to go.

11/9/2014     Early Launch Date for MPG and Modern Tassel.

10/20/2014     Instagram announcement for discount photo sessions to boost group.

10/3/2014   Will use as our brand for all types of photography (portraits to weddings to newborn, and all things in between).

10/1/2014     Shifted Firefly Event Photography & Entertainment, LLC to be a brand of Modern Photography Group.  Firefly will open their focus to corporate, community, and family events along with select school events like homecoming.  The system of high volume photography is applicable and beneficial in various event opportunities.

10/1/2014     Developed PromPhotography.Com ( for the brand to be a part of Modern Photography Group.  The website is a national brand that can connect to various schools and deliver multiple benefits.

9/28/2014    Agreement with Pierce Brunson Photography to be the general photography system for Modern Photography Group.

9/27/2014     Modern Photography Group is on Google+.

9/26/2014     Modern Photography Group is on Instagram.

9/25/2014 – 10/18/2014     Building, organizing, dreaming, working, focusing.

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