Modern Photography Group


James B. Sanderlin Neighborhood Family Center
2335 22nd Avenue South
Suite 1
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Phone: (727) 599-6153 (leave a message)

The studio is setup for portraits, social media headshots, and product shoots. Please call for an appointment.  We will also be offering photography classes throughout 2018.

Multiple backdrop options available.

Modern Photography Group, LLC provides excellent photography for many different occasions. Please select the appropriate service for you photography needs below.

All services feature the following,

  • Skilled photographers.
  • Unlimited access and downloading of image files.
  • High-volume, high-quality images.
  • 24 hour turnaround.
  • Promotional slideshow.

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Contact: Pierce Brunson (727) 599-6153

Photography Services

Pierce Brunson Photography: On location portraiture (general, family, corporate, maternity, wedding), elementary and middle school event photography, social and corporate event photography, and photography education and instruction.

Firefly Event Photography: High School event photography for homecoming dances, proms, senior events, pep rallies, sports action (football, flag football, cheer), and sports banquets.

Modern Tassel Photography: High school senior, all graduates, and all level graduation ceremonies.

Contact: Pierce Brunson (727) 599-6153



One Response to Modern Photography Group

  1. Christine says:

    My niece was married Jan 7th, 2017 on one of the coldest and windiest of days in January! The wedding was outside at a park and we were very fortunate to have Pierce Brunson as the photographer! I have used Pierce in the past for other events and I cannot say enough about his work! The day of the wedding, Pierce came early to get some before shots and when it was time for my niece to walk down the path, Pierce was there ready to get those special shots. The day was blistering cold and he was a trooper to shoot all day even when he got bubbles (from us blowing lots of bubbles) in his eye! Yes this did happen. Anyway, we were able to get out to the beach for the afternoon setting of the sun, to get some cold, but beautiful shots of the newly married couple on the beach in the sand, just as my niece had requested. We really enjoyed all the pictures he was able to catch for this special couple on this very important day! Thank you so much Pierce for you hard work and for your beautiful shots of my nieces wedding. They will be treasured always. Christine


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