Jobs at Modern Photography Group

Modern Photography Group, LLC and its DBA’s Firefly Event Photography and RitzyPics has positions open for persons interested in a long-term, seasonal, opportunity in photography. The person hired will be interested in serving the population we photograph (high school students), working part-time flexible schedule, and starting as a photography assistant with a focus on becoming a fully trained Firefly Event Photographer.

About Firefly Event Photography and RitzyPics

  • Firefly Event Photography is a registered DBA of Modern Photography Group, LLC based in St. Petersburg, FL. Firefly provides photography services for schools at events and for sports teams in the Tampa Bay area.
  • RitzyPics is a registered DBA of Modern Photography Group, LLC in St. Petersburg, FL. RitzyPics provides photography to large to medium corporate, social, and family events that desire a volume product for all attendees and provides general portraiture as needed.
  • Employment opportunities are seasonal (Sept – Oct) and (April – May). Most days to work are Friday and Saturday evenings (5pm – 12am) graduation ceremonies being the exception (mid week 8am – 6pm).
  • Events are mainly school dances where the atmosphere is loud (music) and very active with 200 – 1300 people in attendance. Graduations are more tame (up to 600 graduates) but require more focus and accuracy for the duration of the ceremony.
  • Location of events are in various event spaces in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. Venue examples: St. Pete Yacht Club, Pepin Hospitality Center, and various hotels that have event space.
  • Events generally run for 4 hours with two hours for setup and breakdown. You will be compensated for 6 hours for every event provided you show up at designated time.
  • We provide the camera at the event and there is no post production associated with this employment opportunity. Your job will be to learn about our system, capture images as required (at the style and pace required), and provide a great customer service experience for the students.
  • Attire is khaki pants, black polo styled shirt, and comfortable shoes (athletic shoes are great). You will receive Firefly shirts at Photo Assistant 2 level.
  • This is a 1099 employment opportunity. You will be compensated at the end of each event after all equipment is accounted for and loaded. Continual employment with Firefly is on a need basis.
  • You do not have to have a professional photography background to be employed by Modern Photography Group, LLC but you must be comfortable with a DSLR camera and willing to learn.
  • Please view our Instagram and Facebook for examples of our work.
  • Read through our website to know more about our company and what we offer.

Employment Opportunities:

NEW (as of 12/1/2022): Social Media Content Creator.

Event content creator is desired. Content creation, social media posting, ability to increase followers, engage with customers, follow set guidelines, flow seamlessly throughout the event, take images and video with device provided. Please provide samples of your social media pages for proof of abilities. Posting to FB, IG, and TikTok. Pay rate starts at $15 per hour. Must have high school diploma and be age 20+. All other requirements for Photo Assistant will apply to this opportunity also.


Photo Assistant (with training to become a Firefly Event Photographer).

All potential employees will start as a photography assistant no matter your photography skill level. Starting as an assistant will give you time to adjust to the schedule, understand the environments we work in, and learn specific skills necessary to become an event photographer with Firefly. There are three photo assistant phases.

Photo Assistant 1: $15 per hour

  • Loading and unloading equipment
  • Setting up backdrops and lighting
  • Learning safety procedures
  • Understanding how to work with students
  • Understanding the importance of Firefly’s approach to student centered photography
  • Setting up props
  • Directing photography lines
  • Learning the unique culture of each school
  • Customer service with students and teachers
  • Packing up equipment for next event

Photo Assistant 2: $20 per hour (All of requirements learned as Photo Assistant 1, plus…)

  • Rotate to train capturing images on color backdrop
  • Learning hand signals to create proper group shots
  • Learning pace of photo capture expectations
  • Learning to communicate properly with students
  • Learning number of images to capture per person/ group on backdrop
  • Learning camera settings
  • Also will be trained as candid photographer and on white backdrop (prom season)

Photo Assistant 3: $22.50 per hour (All of requirements learned as Photo Assistant 1 & 2 plus

  • Must display ability to capture images on backdrop, as trained (style, crop required, and number of images) for 60% of the event time.
  • Must be able to keep pace and control the photo area for safety and photo accuracy

Event Photographer 1: $140 per event

All of requirements learned as a Photo Assistant 1,2, & 3 plus
Ability to capture images as trained for entire event.
Images captured require minimal to no heavy post production (less than 10 images)
Ability to control photography station and deliver image numbers required.

Firefly Event Photographer: $155+ per event.

Must attend a sampling of all events within one school year (homecoming, prom, graduation) as an Event Photographer 1.

Requirements of Applicant:

  • Age 21+
  • non smoker (includes vape)
  • Can not be an illegal substance user.
  • Be able to carry 50lbs for long distances (50+ yards).
  • Must be able to carry 50lbs up stairs and through narrow spaces.
  • Able to move freely and quickly (as determined through training) without limitations.
  • Able to be in loud and active environments for 6+ hours.
  • Able to take directions and deliver what is expected.
  • Able to understand what is expected and deliver what is needed.
  • Able to get along with a group of photographers for the good of the students served.
  • Able to understand the purpose behind Firefly and deliver as expected.
  • No felonies committed in background.
  • Able to, legally, work around persons under 18. You will be subject to the Jessica Lunsford Act. Please follow link for more information to see if you qualify.
  • Ability to work with flexible, seasonal schedule (notification 2 weeks out)
  • Ability to learn photography settings and equipment.
  • Ability to learn and troubleshoot photography space as needed (training provided).
  • Open to work (respectfully) with students from diverse populations and backgrounds

Experience is Helpful

  • Worked as an event photographer.
  • Photography experience.
  • Customer service in event spaces.
  • Worked with youth/ students.
  • Have online samples of photography.

If you are interested fill out the information below. From there we will contact you for a phone interview.

DO NOT call, text, or message our main line or any person associated with Firefly Event Photography. We will reach out to you before we allow additional contact. We usually start the hiring process in July – August and again January – March. If you are interested, be patient with our process. This is a long-term hiring and training process. Thank you.